January 10, 2024 by Chenshun Hong & Nick Dong

Design, with Creativity and Love


Design Beyond Edge of Creativity

The first project of our firm is a game mod for minecraft. We like game. It brings us the chance to experience different life, meets different people, and creates a space for us to take a leisure, so that’s the reason why we want to start designing something we will have the idea of game design.

Now, with enough people and enough resources, we want to continue our journey! We have started a new game project, which is a 2.5D and 2D mixed game. We will update our progress in blogs and will release our first demo this June.

In addition, based on our designers talent and excllent skills, we bring our new business: personal icon and sticker design! You just need to tell us what you like and your picture, for example, our personal icons (shown in the home page) are based on our pictures and our preference (F1 Mercedes, Peaky Blinders, etc.), then we will design the perfect one you like!

Don’t wait! Come to discuss with us and create your icon! Also, we will post our seasonal stickers in the coming weeks, don’t forget to check out!