September 15, 2023 by Marcus Cheng

Welcome, Smart Home


Be the Edge of Innovation

Today, we are happy to annouce that our new department: Smart Home Department is established! We will focus on improving students’ life qualities by implementing efficient smart home solutions to their daily routines. When we talk about smart home, students are often not considered as target customers. Students are living in their temporary residence so they don’t wanna waste time to install thoese complex equipments and connect them with some programs. However, stdents, especially unviersity students, have more tasks need to manage every day than people who work, and sufficient smart home equipments definietly can boost students’ life.

Our products will give the chance to our student customers to use the least effort and no damage to their residence, then to create the maximum postivie impact on their life! For more information, please check out our department page and we will post more information later!